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03 February 2011

SHAPE serves up another ace for the Bone Growth Foundation

Tennis great John Fitzgerald and Alicia Molik took time out from the Australian Open to receive a sizeable cheque from the SHAPE Australia, on behalf of their preferred charity, the Bone Growth Foundation whose mission is to fund research to shape new treatments in children’s bone growth.

SHAPE Managing Director Tass Roufos handed over a cheque for $160,000 - the seventh consecutive year of fundraising which to date has raised in excess of 1.2 million dollars for the charity.

On hand to meet the tennis greats was 18 year old Bone Growth Foundation patient, Bradley Bamford, who travelled from Adelaide for the occasion. Bamford suffers from Olliers Disease where benign cartilaginous tumors develop in close proximity to growth plate cartilage. Bradley has recently undergone the internal limb lengthening program overseen by Bone Growth Foundation chairman and leading orthopaedic surgeon Dr Bruce Foster, gaining 62mm length in his left leg. He previously underwent the scaffolding procedure with Dr Foster, and via both procedures, his left leg has been lengthened by around 10-11cm. In 2011 Bradley will commence training to be a pilot.

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