Canberra Hospital Ward 8B

SHAPE efficiency alleviates asbestos

After the success of Ward 7B, SHAPE was re-engaged by The Canberra Hospital to complete the refurbishment of Ward 8B. The project involved the addition of ten extra beds, plus bathrooms and other amenities.

The discovery of Abestos by the Site Manager during construction had the potential to significantly disrupt the hospital and the project. However SHAPE  created a detailed Asbestos removal plan according to legislation and followed the set procedures step-by-step to avoid any potential issues. Subsequent inspections and media coverage reflected that SHAPE had dealt with the problem correctly and professionally. This ensured minimum disruption to the hospital, as well as the safety of hospital patients, staff and visitors.

Client: The Canberra Hospital

Floor Area: 205 m²

Delivery Model: Construction Management

Location: Canberra

State: ACT

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: April 2013

Duration: 16 weeks

Architect: AC&A

Engineers: THCS, RUDDS

Sector: Healthcare

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