Hilton Cairns

Successful second stage

SHAPE  was engaged to complete a guest room refurbishment of the luxury Hilton Cairns Hotel. The scope of works included the complete demolition and refurbishment of rooms, including bathrooms, reconstruction and fittings, fixtures and equipment.

This project was the second stage of the Hilton Cairns refurbishment, as SHAPE  had completed the first stage the previous year.  Since the documentation was incomplete, the client and architect relied heavily on SHAPE’s knowledge from the previous stage to be able to complete this project.

Client: BG Hotels

Floor Area: 120 rooms

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Cairns

State: QLD

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: May 2011

Duration: 18 weeks

Architect: Circa 2000

Sector: Hotels

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