Department of Trade and Economic Development

Pressure project wins MBA award

When the commencement date was delayed, a workable program was suddenly compressed from 15 weeks to 12. SHAPE accepted the challenge from South Australia’s Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED).

SHAPE makes up time and beats budget

In the end, the team produced a winning fitout. It integrated the department’s culture and brand, met DTED’s commitment to sustainability, made up lost time, came in under budget, and earned high praise from DTED. It then went on to gain a Master Builders’ Association Award for Excellence in a Commercial Fitout in August 2010.


“Thank you for leading the construction team to an outstanding result. Despite the compressed timeframe, you tackled the challenge with energy, made up the lost time and allowed us to relocate on schedule.”

Terry Hobart, Manager, Facilities, South Australian Department of Trade and Economic Development

Client: Department of Trade and Economic Development

Floor Area: 4,500 m²

Delivery Model: Managing Contractor

Location: Adelaide

State: SA

Project type: Fitout, Sustainability

Completion date: June 2010

Duration: 12 weeks

Sustainability: 5 Star Green Star rating targeted

Sector: Office

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