MLC Building Level 23 & 37 Base Building refurbishment and tenancy split

No disruption to building tenants

SHAPE was engaged to complete a back-to-base internal fitout on levels 23 and 37 within the MLC building. The works included an upgrade of the lift foyers, building core, amenities, and the installation of tenancy splits to divide up the overall floor area into sections for prospective tenants to occupy.

Client: GPT and QIC Ltd

Floor Area: 2,400 m²

Delivery Model: Lump Sum

Location: Sydney

State: NSW

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: February 2015

Duration: 14 weeks

Architect: Group GSA and Siren Design

Project Managers: Eastview Commercial Pty Ltd

Engineers: GWA Consultants, LHO Group and ER&D

Sector: Office

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