Morgan Stanley Alliance

Successful ongoing client relationship

After completing two other stages in their Chifley Tower office space, SHAPE  was engaged Morgan Stanley to further upgrade the premises. Morgan Stanley required a contractor who could deliver several key requirements on their project including, on time delivery, on budget, zero defects at handover and no disruption to both Morgan Stanley employees and also the surrounding office tenancies.

SHAPE  implemented several tactics to ensure that Morgan Stanley’s key deliverables could be achieved on this project. The final result was a quality project that was delivered on time, under budget, with no defects and no disruption to operations, resulting in a strengthened ongoing relationship between SHAPE  and Morgan Stanley.

Client: Morgan Stanley

Floor Area: 2,200 m²

Location: Sydney

State: NSW

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: March 2012

Architect: Kann Finch

Sector: Office

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