Perks Relocation

Workplace Perks for staff

With an end of lease looming, Perks wanted to relocate to a new office space in order to provide their staff with an impressive new working environment. The new space consisted of an open plan workspace with large communal breakout spaces and a high quality reception.

Time constraints dictated the project, with a tight end of lease date requiring Perks to move out of their old building and into their new space on a non-negotiable date. SHAPE  completed the project within 8 weeks, allowing Perks to move into their new office on time.

Client: Perks Accounting

Floor Area: 1,800 m²

Delivery Model: Construction Management converted to Lump Sum

Location: Adelaide

State: SA

Project type: Fitout

Completion date: January 2012

Duration: 8 weeks

Architect: Hames Sharley

Sector: Office

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