UTS Facilities Management Unit

Quality management integral for Facilities Management

The University of Technology Sydney gave SHAPE the responsibility for relocating their Facilities Management Unit from building 10 to building one. This relocation was necessary in order to consolidate all non-educational business into the tower on level 19.

This consolidation provided more space in the rest of the building for students to utilise. For the duration of this project, the university’s main concerns were that the programme was met and a high quality result was achieved.

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The unit wanted to promote themselves to the rest of the university as approachable and transparent, and SHAPE  was responsible for creating this space to assist with the unit’s perception.

Client: University of Technology Sydney

Floor Area: 1,200 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Ultimo, Sydney

State: NSW

Project type: Fitout, Refurbishment

Completion date: February 2011

Duration: 5 weeks

Sector: Office

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