Waterfront Place Level 16 Amenities Upgrade

High quality amenities upgrade with no disruption

SHAPE was engaged by Waterfront Place to complete a high end amenities upgrade on level 16. The objective of the refurbishment was to create a high quality and modern facility with no disruption to the operations of the occupying tenant. The upgrade included the male, female and PWD amenities.

The refurbishment upgrade was undertaken within a live environment that had the potential to disturb the occupying tenant ‘Thompson Lawyers’ who had negotiated this into their lease agreement. SHAPE  focused on maintaining business and building operational continuity for the tenant for the duration of the refurbishment. SHAPE scheduled all works to be completed after hours to avoid noise disruptions and to ensure constant quality assurance and planning throughout the upgrade. 


“From a tenant’s perspective, I have nothing but praise for SHAPE and the way they went about their work. All work was performed after office hours. From a practical perspective, you would almost never have known that such significant construction works were being undertaken in the middle of our busy office premises”

Chris O’Shea, Partner

Thomsons Lawyers

Client: Waterfront Place

Floor Area: 72 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Brisbane

State: QLD

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: September 2013

Duration: 7 weeks

Architect: Woodhead

Sector: Office

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