Her Majesty's Theatre

Restoring Her Majesty's Theatre to its former glory

The Arts SA & Adelaide Festival Centre (AFC) required an extensive refurbishment to the Her Majesty’s Theatre. The scope of the works was heavily service based, with the replacement of large mechanical components including chillers, cooling towers and air handling units. The project also had a heavy focus on wet fire suppression installation and required a electrical upgrade. During this time the theatre also received an general touch up including replacement of all the seating and installation of new carpet throughout the theatre. 


“The project was being delivered in a very tight timeframe and the team at SHAPE worked collaborative with the project team in achieving the critical completion date. The team was very proactive and enthusiastic”.

Kripa Vadakke Arts SA

Client: Arts SA & Adelaide Festival Centre

Floor Area: 4,000 m²

Delivery Model: Lump Sum

Location: Adelaide

State: SA

Project type: Refurbishment

Completion date: May 2014

Duration: 7 weeks

Architect: Hassell

Engineers: Aurecon

Sector: Specialty

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