Newcastle Museum

Connecting the Past, Present and Future

SHAPE was appointed to undertake the full refurbishment of three existing historical railway sheds, and transform them into a fully functional public museum. A new “link building” would be the projects main feature. The project consisted of a 1,100m² boiler shop, 800m² erecting shed, and 950m² blacksmiths building, all in an existing heritage structure, as well as a 550m² new glass and steel link building. 

To successfully complete this challenging project, the Newcastle City Council required a head contractor who could handle high heritage constraints, complete the project within a tight timeframe, excavate existing ground whilst considering archaeological findings, divert large volumes of public access and handle hazardous materials and waste. 

At the conclusion of construction, SHAPE  handed the client a fully functioning world-class facility. With modern influences seamlessly intergrated into the sites historic surroudings, SHAPE  constructed a benchmark for future projects within the reigon.

This project was awarded the 2011 MBA Excellence in Construction Award for Adaptive re-use of an historic building $9 million and over. 

Client: Newcastle City Council

Floor Area: 3,500 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Newcastle

State: NSW

Project type: Refurbishment, Heritage, $5 Million+

Completion date: June 2011

Duration: 14 months

Architect: FJMT

Sector: Specialty

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