Tatiara Civic Centre

Revitalising community spirit

In order to revitalise the district and to create a community centre for arts, education and socialisation, Tatiara Heritage was built. Consisting of both new build and refurbishment, Tatiara incorporated a new library, entry foyer, civil works and landscaping, as well as a new opening, civil works, a fire upgrade and a lift.
The existing heritage element of the building was carefully maintained by SHAPE  to ensure the history was preserved. This was critical to the community and therefore was a vital element of the refurbishment. To ensure a match between the old and new features within the building, SHAPE sources local materials to ensure all new aesthetics were sympathetic to the old features.


“From a Council perspective SHAPE have been an excellent organisation to deal with especially when issues have arisen that required immediate attention.”

Rocco Callisto

Tatiara District Council

Client: Tatiara District Council

Floor Area: 2,350 m²

Delivery Model: Lump sum

Location: Bordertown

State: SA

Project type: Refurbishment, Heritage, New Build, Government

Completion date: July 2012

Duration: 16 months

Architect: Phillips Pilkington Architects

Sector: Specialty Government

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